Welcome to my webpage. It is my place for random links and pictures. I keep my random thoughts at my blog, except for my opinions of movies I see and books I read. That stuff is here on it's own page. Feel free to comment at my blog or to write to me. I hope you enjoy my webpage and even if it bores you, I've had fun making it.

Maybe you want to know a little bit about me? Okay. I am over 21, been out of college for long enough to have had a reunion that I didn't go to. I'm married (to Steve! What a surprise!) I'm a travel agent, for now. Though, I'm currently dreaming of becoming a massage therapist. I'm a vegetarian, half because Steve is and half for animal cruelty reasons. I like to read and to watch movies. I have a part of this website mostly because Steve wanted to do it and so I got him to show me how. I like playing around with html code even though I don't know a lot of it. I speak Italian. Parlo italiano. Ho studiato in italia un anno all'universita. Non c'e molto bisogno per l'italiano nella mia vita quotidiana ma mi piace parlare un po' d'italiano allo Steve per fare confusione ogni volta. What else? I enjoy rollerblading and weightlifting, but I don't do either of those things as often as I should. I like to bake and to knit. Again, I don't do either thing as much as I'd like. My major hobby is reading. Which I do all the time. And web design which I'm not very good at. Oh well, That should be enough for you. Check out the other pages. There's more random stuff in there. And check out Steve's page. He's almost more random than I am!

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