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I gave it my best... but all things must come to an end eventually.  It should have been done long ago.  Beth finally pestered me enough to get that gross nose-mining guy off my page, that I'm now admitting the Curiosity is no more.  To say it sputtered out would be generous.  Because I have neglected it for ages now in pursuit of higher web development goals, from now on you will have to get all of your Curiosity of the Week jollies from the...


Are you longing for the curiosities of past weeks?  Did you miss one that your friend tells you was really great? Why not browse the Old Curiosities Archive?

Legal Links

Laws of All Kinds

Looking for lots of information about anything legal? Check out  You can find court opinions, legislation, state and federal constitutions, and just about anything legal you can think of.  A great place to start when doing legal research.

Congress's Diary

If you want to know about federal legislation, Thomas is the only true source.  Thomas is the section of the Library of Congress website which catalogues all federal legislation.  Want to find out whether that bill to tax email messages you heard about in a forwarded email is really true?  Interested in learning more about some legislation you heard a news report on?  This is the place to be.

Your Government

Elected Officials

How many of us can name our federal legislators, never mind state legislators.  Well, it's a good thing you can look them up on the internet!  Project Vote Smart is a non-profit organization which is all things electoral.  They can tell you the name of every one of your elected officials, from your city councilor to the president, including where they stand on a host of issues.

Unelected Officials

Much of our government is run by people who were never elected; they were appointed.  Most of the decisions that affect your life are made by agencies: the EPA, the FCC, etc.  If you ever want to wade through all the boring rules and opinions they promulgate, you can find them all in the Federal Register, care of the Government Printing Office. Sometimes it's really interesting and important, like whether lumber companies will be able to log the national forests, or whether media companies will be allowed to consolidate further.  You can also find executive orders issued by the president in the register, or from the White House website.

Random Links

Craig Knows

Apartments for rent, job openings, classifieds, etc.  It's all on Boston Craigslist.  There's a Craigslist for many major cities around the country.  Often times, it's the best place to find that cheap apartment or the perfect job.

Good Stuff Cheap

Ever wonder how your friend has all those cool computer toys without a six-figure salary?  Find some great deals on computer stuff (and lots of other junk) by checking's Hot Deals forum regularly.  It's kind of a mess to look at, but if you catch it at the right time, you can get some really great stuff dirt cheap.


Politics, Politics, Politics...

Visit The Soap Box for some political discourse, and take a turn on the soapbox yourself!