Why I am a Vegetarian

Have you ever thought about where your food comes from? Probably not. Whatever you need, you can just go to the grocery store and buy it. But where does it come from? The food producers don't want you to know. They don't want you to wonder. They just want you to keep on buying their products and be happy you have it. But food has to come from somewhere, right? Farming is a noble livelihood. It brings to mind images of red barns, dirty children, hardworking people, maybe a little pond on one side. Oh! If only it was really like this today. The majority of food production in the US is controled by fewer and fewer large greedy corporations who will do anything to maximize profits, including poisoning our environment. This is why they don't want you to wonder where your food comes from. And this is why I have decided not to eat meat. I am not making this up. I won't try to tell you all the facts or try to convince you with statistics and numbers, but take a look at some of these website for more information. You don't have to become vegetarian, like I did, all I'm asking is that you think about where your food actually comes from and what you are actually supporting when you shop. There is a better way.
Supersize Me

An excellent documentary about eating in America. I put more thoughts about it on my movie review page but I wanted to add a link to the website here because it's about food and this is my food page. Supersize Me


I like pickles. I think it's a family thing because all my sister's like pickles as much as I do. We've been known to stand in front of the fridge with the door open, open jar in hand, eating pickles. Pickles have been around since the beginning of civilization. At first, pickling was mainly used to perserve foods but the development of refridgeration has made pickling more an art than a necessity. Not that I mind. Pickles make the best snacks. There are lots of different kinds of pickles. My favorites are dill, bread and butter, and freezer pickles. I also like half sours sometimes, when I'm in the right mood. Then there are gherkins and sweet pickles. I'm not sure about those. If you want to learn more about pickles, check out There is a ton of information about pickles here. Make sure you check out the games in the just for kids section. They're great!

We just found these great pickles at the Charles Sq Farmer's Market. They're locally produced and mighty tasty. Check it out! Moon Brine, All Natural Pickles. Pickle down!