Becka is my youngest sister. She has long hair that she mostly wears up in a ponytail. She does wear glasses except when she's wearing contacts instead. She's in college now and she studies hard. She's a great and interesting girl. I wish I could think of something else to say about her right now but it's rather late and I should probably just go to bed. Maybe I'll add more later. Or, Becka, if there's something you want me to say, you could let me know and I'll add it, okay?

Sarah is my younger sister. Her birthday is soon. She works at a couple of jobs. I think her favorite is being a pre-school teacher. She is a very enthusiastic, creative and artistic person. I think her hair is probably a bit longer than I drew it but it's okay because I'm no artist. She wears contacts most of the time. In fact, I can't remember the last time she wore her glasses or even if she has glasses...thus no glasses in the picture. Sarah, if there's something else you think I should say, let me know, okay?

Katie is my older sister. She wears contacts too, about half the time. As you can tell by now, we all have poor eyesight. It's a family thing. Katie is a kind and generous person. She is a lifeguard and swimming teacher and swim team coach. She has loved swimming and the ocean ever since she was a baby. There's a story about how she would swim around underwater even as a toddler and the lifeguards at the beach would be all concerned that she was in trouble because most babies don't swim around like that. She is also very creative and interesting. That's all I can think of for now. Maybe Katie will tell me something else to say and then I'll add it.

Ricky is my brother. He is the oldest. He wears glasses too but didn't get them until he was older so he got contacts right away. He's a computer geek programmer. He lives far away from the rest of us with his wife and baby girl. You can see real pictures of them in the photo gallery. We all love and miss Ricky. He's got his own website but it's only got pictures from when his house was being built to it's really boring. You can check it out if you want to here. He could do better than that but it seems he doesn't want to. I wonder if Rick will ever see this...