Beth and Steve reserve all rights to Cybil Approval
...and we really mean it because Steve's a lawyer!

Cybil is a good friend of mine. She is an amazingly talented photographer and a very very nice person. She had no idea we were going to claim that she approves of our website. (honestly, we didn't have any idea either; it just happened.) But once it did happen, she approved whole-heartedly. Being Cybil Approved is so satisfying that some of our friends have inquired about having their sites Cybil Approved. Therefore, we are working on a Cybil Approval application whereby you too can have your website Cybil Approved. Check this space for the application soon. I am also hoping that Cybil will let us put some of her photographs in a little gallery here for all to see because she is such a wonderful photographer and she has some amazing pictures from her travels in this world. For now, you'll have to be satisfied with this picture of Cybil herself taken by camera phone, last summer.